Urban art has been, from its beginning, a way to interpellate the casual viewer, walls, banks or any surfaces with apparently no space for art were the target of this actions.

Color Tracks follows the philosophy that is the work who finds the spectator. The gallery can not be voluntary visited, must be the result of chance, which is where resides its value and impact.


The gallery is framed in a series of projects started in the city of Barcelona, with the goal to promote urban art and recover a global reference position in this field. It aims to create proper conditions that allow urban artists to see their work recognized, and enable citizens to enjoy this talent, which is presently underrated.
Colortrack sis another initiative of   Rebobinart  Platform, that together with Persianes Lliures and Murs Lliures dds new tools of diffusion and meetings among urban artists at local and international level.


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Adress:   Spain
Telephone:   +34 668 883 211
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